The Issue:

The fact that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Complaints Handling Team sits internally within the ABC, rather than headed up by an external, impartial, independent Ombudsman should be a red flag to anyone who is passionate about the ABC, and is aware of its reach and impact across our society.

Last year alone, the ABC’s complaints department let the public down, with 6233 editorial complaints assessed, 233 complaints resolved, and only 61 upheld. You can read more by visiting the ABC’s complaints review statistics here.

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With over 95% of ABC’s editorial complaints currently dismissed or unresolved, can the ABC’s current complaints procedure be trusted to ensure more complaints are taken seriously, and resolved?
We Demand:

It’s time to establish an ABC complaints process we can all have confidence in:

  • One that takes complaints seriously.
  • One that is headed up by an Ombudsman who is independent, external and accountable.
  • One that has the power to resolve complaints, and enforce outcomes.
  • One that makes complaints and resolutions available to the public.
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The Movement
‘An ABC We Can Trust’ movement was formed with the intention of creating public awareness and momentum to overhaul The ABC’s complaints procedure, with the goal of establishing a more accurate, reliable, and credible national broadcasting service.